Intern Architect AIBC passionate about human-centric design.


I’m at my best when solving problems through a people-oriented lense. Throughout the many project phases, I can take the needs of the client, the end users, and consultants, then resolve them within a fully-fledged project.

My process is supplemented by my digital media background and hand media skill-set. I draw and doodle regularly, I know many digital modeling programs. Some of my work also includes building and testing Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality (collectively known as XR) products with real-world clients.

When I'm not in the office, I also host a regular social meetup for architecture-engineering-construction professionals, or likeminded enthusiasts, to unwind and connect with each other. You can follow the meetup by clicking below.



For questions or comments about upcoming projects, please fill out the form. I've also linked my LinkedIn, Instagram, Meetup Group, and Issuu Portfolio below.


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