• Hunter Clement

New Year, New Blog

Hi all!

It's been a while since I wrote my last blog post. I typed on about architecture and the games industry throughout high school and into college, and blogging quickly helped organize my thoughts away from the computer, while improving my writings skills. These little bits of shop talk all went away when the site I wrote on went down for maintenance. While it came back a sleeker, more intuitive version of its former self, it also returned blog-less. All those years and hundreds of posts vanished.

After an extended hiatus I've decided to come back to it. If I can get free time and motivation together in the same room, I'll put these out. I'll talk about the videogame and architecture industries, while also discussing how they intersect.

This blog also serves a notification hub for the networking experiment that is the Vancouver Architecture and Design Meetup. When I came to Vancouver I felt isolated, looking for work, and a little overwhelmed. Years later, this social web gives design enthusiasts an outlet to unwind; about their job, about architecture, about the world. Here, I will update where the group will meet next, thoughts on past events, and where it could go in the future.

Anyway, that about wraps up my first blog post. See you next time!

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